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Custom Inertial Navigation Based Solutions for YOU.


Inertial Center of Excellence

About IPOZ

With over 120 years of cumulated experience in the business of land and offshore navigation, the board of directors of IPOZ steer the company towards an objective of total quality and responsibility in the field of positioning.

The Mission of IPOZ is to introduce the world of Oil & Gas exploration and production to the new technologies that will define the 21st century.

With the experience and practical bias of hands-on management style, IPOZ will offer new solutions to the problems of position and orientation both onshore and offshore.

On Land, the time has come to let go the dual solution of theodolites in the woods (with their low productivity and high environmental impact: line-of-sight tree cutting etc…), and GPS survey, since GPS receivers are slow and inaccurate in the woods, when they work at all.

Offshore, the time has come to go beyond acoustic LBL solutions with all the interference and multipath issues, and bring subsea navigation and survey to a new level.

As a first and foremost technology of the beginning of this century, IPOZ is offering Inertial Navigation as a core solution to the integrated (deeply integrated) navigation systems of the future.

We offer ourselves as the Inertial Center of Excellence of the positioning business.

Come talk to us about your location and orientation problems, we will offer you a reliable solution until you forget it as a solved issue, so you can better focus on core production and results.

Inertial Center of Excellence

IPOZ System's mission is to provide our clients with inertial navigation based solutions to problems encountered on the earth's surface, in the marine environment and underground. Our goal is to integrate our systems with our client's operational processes and realize a measurable return-on- investment. To achieve this goal, IPOZ employs engineers and support staff with a history of achievement and success and partners with some of the most innovative manufacturing and service companies in their fields.

IPOZ Systems owns intellectual property rights (IPR) to software for marine navigation systems, land survey systems and inertial pigging systems. We act as systems integrator for complex projects and produce solutions that include hardware, software and complex calculations. In addition to producing these systems, we are able to support them with training and service.

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