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Custom Inertial Navigation Based Solutions for YOU. Photo Copyright 2009 Rune Luk.

View the latest IPOZ Metrology Animation

View the latest IPOZ Metrology Animation.


Spool Piece and Jumper Measurement

We offer the new Inertial Metrology method to the Offshore market. Between the pipeline network ending at a manifold and the well heads, a piece of pre-fabricated spool is introduced. Since it has to fit to extreme precision both in 3D position and orientation...more more

Pipeline Mapping

With many years of experience in the pipeline survey business, we believe we offer the best methodology and the best deliverables of the industry. We will deliver accurate maps, GIS information, full report with position and orientation at up to 500Hz of every feature...more more

Positioning and Navigation Under Canopy

On land we offer a gamut of solutions where GPS and theodolites fail or are too slow and damaging to the environment. Our inertial survey instruments are the most accurate in the industry. Where GPS needs a clear open sky to receive satellite signal and radio corrections...more more


Fugro Signs Exclusive Agreement with IPOZ!

Subsea Inertial Metrology… a 30 years old method.

Pure Technology of Columbia, Maryland successfully completed a waterline survey using IPOZ GIPSI™ survey tool. GIPSI™ delivers…

OTC Houston. Inertial Metrology raises interest for Brazil. Inertial Metrology is not a new concept, as described in this OTC 1977 paper…

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