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October 2011

Fugro Survey signs an exclusive agreement for free-inertial metrology technology with IPOZ. Read more...

April 2011

Subsea Inertial Metrology... a 30 years old method.

March 2011

Hydro International
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February 2011

Pure Technology of Columbia, Maryland successfully completed a waterline survey using IPOZ GIPSI™ survey tool. GIPSI™ delivers full 3D centerline of the pipe as well as 3D position of any attribute collected manually by the surveyor.

Pure Technology Demo

May-June 2010


Subsea equipment

Most Subsea Metrologies are done in 3 phases: LBL acoustic (for horizontal length), Gyro survey for full orientation of the 2 hubs (heading, pitch and roll), and Bathymetric survey. In order to introduce their new INERTIAL method, IPOZ is offering to do the Gyro survey at no cost: we simply replace the Octans dive (no extra vessel time). The advantage of course is that we will deliver more accurate 3D orientation than a gyro (<0.1 deg), and as a bonus we deliver full extra metrology report (Length, Depth difference, Full Orientations). Our motto: “Measure Twice, Cut Once” for the same price, call 281-391-3700.



IPOZ has successfully surveyed sewers and water line systems by delivering full orientation and position (from 1 to 400Hz) of all corrosion and fissures as well as any other observable attribute (manholes etc…). The clients expressed their interest in being able to deliver maps and profiles within a few hours to authorities, including high concern areas, with precise locations, before any catastrophic flood might happen. There is no need for line-of-sight.

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“Inertial Metrology: an old concept”: http://www.onepetro.org/mslib/servlet/onepetropreview?id=OTC-2815-MS&soc=OTC

March-April 2010


Subsea equipment

Our report of the inertial metrology done by IPOZ for Woodside on the Pluto LNG field, West of Australia in January 2010 is now available here. This metrology can also be done with the drilling rig ROV “while drilling” (no survey vessel necessary, no drilling down time)… OI2010 in London was abuzz with talks of alternative metrologies, either purely inertial metrologies, or hybrid inertial/acoustic metrologies.… Also everyone is scratching his head on how best to accomplish “out-of-straightness” pipeline surveys. IPOZ is offering a solution both from out- and inside the pipe.



IPOZ is now finalizing a 4" pipeline pigging navigation device. This might be the best one (maybe the only one of this size) in the world. As a reminder “IPOZ pipeline” division specializes in delivering 3D positions and orientations at very high definition levels (500Hz typical) of pipeline surveys. We usually subcontract the positioning and mapping business of pigging companies (Weatherford, Baker Hughes and every other willing contractor…). We are now capable of offering our services for all pipes, from 4" to any superior diameter. Contact us and see our GIS reports and Google Earth based maps.

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MAR 15, 2010 - Oi12 London

TOTAL and ExxonMobil and more companies are interested in Inertial Metrology. “If you come to one of my sites and demonstrate to me that your system works to my specifications, I will accept it in any bid for future metrologies.” TOTAL chief surveyor...

January-February 2010


Subsea metrology equipment

Ipoz Systems LLC of Texas now offers underwater navigation and 3D position and orientation with high accuracy. Metrology tools for 1000m and 3000m depth have been successfully tested for prefabricated jumper installations. "I am glad to report that our metrology tools perform well at depth and are competitive with the highest grade of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) currently used for precise measurements at depth" declared Bill Tink, Managing Director of IPOZ, "we are ready to deploy them to any ocean at any time."



The pipeline survey (pigging) navigation department of IPOZ is busier than ever with thousands of miles of survey added to the foreseeable work load for 2010. After many years of data processing specialization, IPOZ who is the "Inertial Center of Excellence" is finally offering inertial positioning and orientation hardware to pigging companies who want the whole service, provided from scratch. By delivering extremely accurate positions and orientations at high rates (400Hz typical), IPOZ services improve dramatically over linear location information (odometer) that many pigging companies offer. IPOZ also proposes full complementary survey services (accurate GPS or theodolite) as well as full Geographic Information database management (GIS) to customers.


Inertial survey backpack

We are currently demonstrating our revolutionary Inertial Backpacks and offer them for lease at competitive prices, primarily for Energy Exploration (seismic). Our inertial backpack offers high accuracy 3D survey services comparable to an RTK GPS backpack of the type you see surveying along the highways, but with the added advantages of operating in forested environments as well. GPS is accurate and productive, but doesn't work under thick canopy or in urban canyons. IPOZ backpacks operate in all environments where GPS is usable plus jungles, swamps, inside buildings, underground (mines), etc.…

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FEB 24, 2010 - Metrology Report cleared for publication

A successful metrology was completed in one dive in Western Australia. See report.

JAN 02, 2010 - IPOZ Offers Full Subsea Metrology

IPOZ Systems LLC offers full subsea Metrology capabilities. With two systems already successfully tested at depth in the Indian Ocean (one rated for 1000m, the other for 3000m), IPOZ Metrology is now fully operational.

NOV 2009 - Re-launch of IPOZ Web Site

IPOZ is pleased to announce the launch of the new Company website.

A large amount of sales and support information is now available online for the software, equipment and services offered by the Company.

The website is available at www.ipoz.net

JUN 2008 - Pemex in Mexico

IPOZ wins major inertial pigging project for Pemex in Mexico.

OCT 2008 - IPOZ Offers Pipeline Pigging

IPOZ offers its own inertial hardware for high accuracy pipeline pigging positions. After years of specializing in the processing of other companies inertial pigging data, IPOZ Systems LLC finally created its own line of inertial systems for the precise positioning and orientation of pipeline features surveyed with smart pig systems. IPOZ delivers the same high level of deliverables including 3D visualizations and full GIS databases with their equipment, as they do for subcontracted projects.

OCT 2007 - DP Conference (Houston)

IPOZ exhibited at the Houston DP Conference at the Westchase Hilton on October 9-10. A demo system of WinINS, the new aided inertial software platform designed by IPOZ was on display.

IPOZ offers various services for surface and subsea inertial navigation and positioning.

SEP 2007 - IPOZ Starts Trading

IPOZ, a new company dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the area of inertial navigation began operations from its Houston base today.

The Company combines proven experience in advanced software design with the facility to provide systems design, support and consultancy services.

IPOZ has secured the services of proven individuals in the oil industry with key skills in the areas of inertial positioning; offshore survey, land seismic and pipeline pigging.

In addition, IPOZ has access to a world leading range of aided inertial navigation product solutions.

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